Interactive Media Web Design

a close-up photo of Dylan with green plants behind them

I was born and raised in Idaho, and I have been living in beautiful Portland, Oregon, since the year 2000. My hobbies include riding my Myata touring bicycle, reading both fiction and non-fiction, writing songs, and playing guitar and bass. I also love creating things for digital media. Web design, web development and video production give me great pleasure because they allow me to turn an idea into reality. Making something I can be proud of is so much fun!

My design process is to sketch out ideas, bring them to colorful life in Photoshop and then transfer the look into HTML markup and Cascading Style Sheets. Then it's time for development. First I think about how I want a page to behave. Then I apply my knowledge of scripting languages to make the page follow this behavior. Sometimes I don't know the technique to make my idea become a reality. That's when I thumb through my coding books or look up tutorials and discussions on the web. Luckily there is a healthy amount of development help on the web. Here are four sites I find particularly helpful:

  • w3schools.com W3schools give general help with about every aspect of coding for the web.
  • sitepoint.com Sitepoint publishes great books about web development, and I often refer to their examples of code on their site.
  • stackoverflow.com This website is great when you just cannot figure out how to make code behave properly. You can ask a question about your code (and provide examples of your code), and a community of development minded people can help you by offering suggestions or even workable code.
  • jquery.com This is a great place to learn about jQuery and reference the API documentation.